Too often, people speak with a reporter, are happy with the exchange at that moment, and then are confused and frustrated by the story that appears. We prepare our clients to engage effectively in any and every media interview to secure the right kind of story.

Our coaching model is not about preparing people to simply answer questions well. Our innovative approach is to retool the way executives think about their interactions with reporters in order to effectively shape the entire story. This approach prepares our clients for any interaction they may have in the future and makes it far more likely to achieve the desired results from that interaction.

How This Module Will Help You

  • You will understand how reporters operate and what reporters find interesting.
  • You will learn strategies for controlling an interview and ensuring that the desired message predictably appears.
  • You will learn how to craft messages optimally.
  • You will be put through your paces through a series of simulation interviews to build up your comfort and effectiveness in telling a pre-designed story fully, consistently, powerfully, and without being distracted by other topics.

Oftentimes, people who have worked with the media before ask, ” Why did they do that?” We help our clients understand how reporters operate and how to get the story they desire.