We help people master the distortions of the camera to deliver a powerful performance on-screen.

We prepare people for journalism television – appearing as a guest on a television news or talk program – and in-house television, whether in a studio, through a webcam, or in a video conference. We also prepare executives for press conferences, satellite media tours, TelePrompTer presentations, internal video presentations, or internet video presentations. We have also coached those who are transitioning from a prior career into television or radio performance, as a commentator, interviewer, or host.

** Television interview and performance skills coaching can be combined with press interview skills or can be a stand-alone session.

How This Module Will Help You

  • You will learn about the negative distortions of the camera and how to play into the positive distortions of the camera.
  • You will learn about how to capitalize on the visual and verbal dynamics of television interviews.
  • You will practice delivering your content on camera and receive feedback on how you can improve.

The camera distorts in predictable ways. If we understand those predictable distortions, we can avoid negative distortions, capitalize on positive distortions, and deliver an impactful television performance.