Though the nature of crises may be different, the competitive advantage that comes from being able to respond effectively to crises is consistent across the board. And the inability to respond to crises well can have significant, long-term negative consequences to your reputation and operations.

We provide both customized individual or group coaching on how companies typically mishandle crises; how to ensure effective crisis preparedness and response; how to restore trust after a crisis; how to be strategic in crisis communication; how to develop crisis communication plans; and related topics.

We also craft war games, table-top exercises, and other role-play training to help leaders practice and test their crisis response skills and infrastructure in real time. Based on the results of such war games, we help management retool their crisis preparedness and response infrastructure, teams, and tools.

 How This Module Will Help You
  • You will learn the foundational principles of effective crisis response.
  • You will build competitive advantage by learning how to prepare for, respond to, and manage crises when they emerge.
  • You will practice the skills and test the systems required to respond to crises well.

Crisis management is the management of choices at a turning point where our destiny can go one way or another. The key to choosing wisely and responding effectively in a crisis is mental readiness.