Crisis communication is about engaging stakeholders to maintain, restore, or enhance trust and confidence when something goes wrong.
– Helio Fred Garcia

Every crisis is a business problem before it is a communication problem, and you can’t communicate your way out of a business problem. However, effective crisis communication has what the military calls a “force multiplier” effect: It isn’t sufficient to accomplish your goal; but it helps you to do more, better, and faster.

How Can We Help?

We advise clients on ways to maintain the trust and confidence of stakeholders when reputation is at risk.

Crises create an environment of emotion: fear, anxiety, anger, shame, embarrassment and often ambivalence. We as crisis experts know that facts and logic by themselves are rarely sufficient. But we also know that leaders and organizations distrust emotional appeals.

At Logos, we understand the objective and subjective factors that help stakeholders and organizations get beyond emotional reactions quickly. We understand the social psychology, anthropology, and cultural components of rumor dynamics. And of the need to frame facts in a way that expresses genuine care and empathy.


  • Crisis communication planning and scenario development.
  • Crisis communication consulting before or during live crisis.
  • Strategy and core message development.
  • Drafting of core documents, review and approval protocols, and distribution criteria.
  • Establishment of crisis communication working groups and of issues management, crisis communication/rapid response infrastructure, protocols, task forces, and operation centers.
  • Communication support for litigation, regulatory proceedings, or civil or criminal litigation.
  • Capabilities assessments of corporate communication/public relations departments or external resources.

What Have We Worked on Before?

We have worked on a wide variety of crises, both large-scale international crises and smaller, more niche crises affecting a specific group of stakeholders. Below is a sampling of some of the types of crises we have helped clients respond to: